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Accommodation Secured!

The blog has been quiet for some time and for that we apologise, however, although progress was extremely slow and sometimes a little disheartening, work has been on-going in the background.

There were two major obstacles we needed to overcome. The first was the private rental sector. Due to the housing crisis we, like many other people, had difficulty securing accommodation. The buoyant nature of the sector meant that we were competing directly with private individuals who were ready to move-in immediately, had landlord references, PPS numbers, etc, whereas our group's situation was a little more complex! It quickly became apparent that we would need a sympathetic landlord who understood what we were trying to achieve and who was willing to pitch in!

We did come across a lovely lady named Bernie, who was eager to help out, however, the second obstacle prevented us from making it happen. This, of course, was the pandemic. Despite the scale of the refugee crisis - exacerbated by the recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan - the global pandemic meant that the Department of Foreign Affairs were unable to send missions to the areas of crisis.

Despite these obstacles, we're delighted to announce that we have secured a lovely house with an amazing landlord! Our group has been really busy over the last couple of weeks preparing the house for the arrival of our family!

We don't know the identity or the composition of our family yet but our liaison in the Red Cross and the Irish Refugee Protection Programme are working on this as we write. It's not guaranteed, but perhaps the family may even arrive before Christmas! What a Christmas present that would be!

After almost two years everything has suddenly started moving quickly, but with our amazing committee and the wonderful support we've received from everyone there's no doubt we can rise to the challenge.

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