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Minister for Justice acknowledges that 'Nobody is happy' with the Direct Provision system.

Minister Charlie Flannagan has stated on RTE's 'This Week' program that nobody in government is happy with the Direct Provision system – often likened to an open prison. As if conditions weren't challenging enough, refugees are now dealing with Corona Virus outbreaks in the accommodation, with 175 confirmed cases across the state's various centres.

With further expert reports recommending wholesale changes to the system - for example, giving refugees the right to seek employment - the government is coming under increasing pressure to act. However, with 7700 people in direct provision, an ever increasing social housing list and a world-wide pandemic-sized hole in the country's finances this will not happen anytime soon.

This is where the Community Sponsorship Scheme can help. Not only does it support refugees to escape the terrible atrocities in their own countries, but it also means they can circumvent Direct Provision.

It's extremely heartening to see the response to this initiative in our own village of Roundwood, and we are also aware of many other towns and villages throughout the country also looking to welcome refugees escaping desperate situations. Please support our fundraising activities, which will start in earnest as restrictions are lifted with a 5km time-trial around the reservoir – more details to follow. In the meantime you can donate by visiting our Go Fund Me page Thank you!

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